Interior And Exterior Basement Waterproofing Differences

Basement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is a critical part of owning a home. Basement waterproofing is classified into two types: internal and external. Interior basement waterproofing is accomplished by putting water-resistant barriers on the basement walls. Water-resistant barriers are installed on the exterior of the basement walls to waterproof it. Let’s discuss the differences between interior and exterior basement waterproofing!

Interior Basement Waterproofing


The process of placing water-resistant barriers on the inside of your basement walls is known as interior basement waterproofing. When the outside of the basement walls are in good shape and there is no water seeping through them, this sort of waterproofing is often performed. Interior basement waterproofing will protect your basement from any water that leaks through the cracks in your basement walls.


Exterior Basement Waterproofing


Exterior basement waterproofing is the process of installing water-resistant barriers on the outside of your basement walls. This type of waterproofing is typically done when the outside of the basement walls are in poor condition and there is water leaking through them. Exterior basement waterproofing will protect your basement from any water that leaks through the cracks in your basement walls and also from any water that seeps through the ground around your home.


Reliable Exterior or Interior Waterproofing From Wet Basement Professionals


If you’re concerned about water leaking into your basement, the best thing to do is to contact a professional. Wet basement waterproofing specialists have the experience and knowledge to properly assess your basement and determine which type of waterproofing would be best for your home. Contact Emergency Flood Response today to schedule a free consultation! We use high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to keep our clients’ basements dry for many years to come. Our experienced professionals will help you choose the best type of waterproofing for your needs.

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