Fire Damage and Hazard Prevention

Fire damage

Forgotten candles aren’t the only way a fire can accidentally spread through your house. There are a number of fire hazards all around you. But don’t panic! Read on to discover 5 areas where precautions can be taken to keep your living and commercial spaces safe from potential fire hazards.


Inaccessible Equipment


Fire damageWhether it’s in your home or a workplace, you should know exactly where the nearest fire extinguisher is. In a dangerous situation, the last thing you want is to find out the technology you rely on to put an end to the danger is broken or lost. Make sure your fire extinguisher isn’t empty, test the batteries in your smoke detector regularly, and consider installing a fire sprinkler system.


Old Wires


Electrical fires pose a serious threat to all homes and commercial spaces. To minimize your chances of experiencing one, have a reputable electrician inspect your wiring. Faulty wires that were installed incorrectly or are made of old or outdated materials can give off sparks.




Does your office keep a mostly literal paper trail? Not only is paper highly flammable in itself, but large amounts of clutter such as stacks of paper and equipment, filing cabinets piled high, and boxes left in doorways can all get in the way during an evacuation. Make sure every exit is clear in case you need to make a quick escape.


Power Surges


An overlooked potential fire hazard is the electrical outlets. Are there too many electronics plugged into your power bar? That could lead to a power surge, also called transient voltages. Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use, and turn off major appliances during thunderstorms.


Have a Escape Plan


Fire damageOffices and homes alike should have clearly marked emergency exits and agreed-upon evacuation plans. Contact your local fire department for suggestions on building a fire safety strategy. All members of the household or staff should know exactly where to meet and what to do in order to minimize panic during a fire.

Leave the alarm to your smoke detector. Remain calm with these preventative measures in place, and know that the compassionate restoration staff at Emergency Flood Response can help if you’ve got questions.

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