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Water damage in basement wet

The Signs Of Water Damage

  Very few homes or businesses are completely safe from water damage. Knowing the common signs can help you identify an internal leak or weakness in your drainage system before it turns into widespread damage or flooding. It’s also good knowledge to take with you if you’re looking at homes to buy or rent!

Signs Of Water Damage Around The Home

  Water damageKeep your eye out for discolouration on the ceiling and the interior and exterior walls of your home. Water damage from drips often looks like rings, and any of these rings and other stains on the ceiling or walls will point to leaks in the pipes behind the drywall. To stay ahead of the potential for problems, go through your home and note the areas close to plumbing. Water damage could also be the cause of many instances of structural damage. For instance, if the paint, wallpaper, or drywall on your ceiling or walls is cracking, flaking, or bubbling, it’s probably that there’s water behind the material. Warping can also happen in your flooring, and while cracked or bent floors may be easy to notice, you may not detect wet spots if they occur in corners or parts of the home that you don’t frequent. Leaks, drips, and moisture issues can lead to pools and puddles forming. If the water comes back once you’ve cleaned it, you likely have a water leak.  

The More Subtle Signs Of Water Damage

  Sometimes you won’t see water damage or its causes, but you might hear them! When you hear a dripping sound, a creaking floor, or even rushing or running water, they could be signs of leaks. These sounds can also indicate a well-functioning system, so listen for changes in sound. If there’s a squeak that you’ve never noticed before, water could be affecting your flooring. Damp, musty, or mouldy smells are other common indicators of water damage. Dampness has a distinct smell, and even if you don’t know what it is, it’s hard to miss. This smell often mingles in with the odour of mould, both of which are, unfortunately, often caused by water damage. Next, take a look at your utility bills. Some companies have payment plans that take the money automatically out of bank accounts, meaning homeowners often pay them without much thought. In reviewing the bills, do you see a sudden spike in your water bill? It could be a sign of a hidden leak.  

If I See Water Damage, Is It Too Late?

  Water damageCatching the signs of water damage early can help prevent flooding and structural problems down the road. Apart from touching the spot, you can often tell how fresh the problem is by the colour; for example, dark stains usually mean the water damage is a new development, while yellow, brown, or white stains point to older damage. If you spot any spots, turn to a professional water damage remediation team. They can assess the situation, create a plan of action for your needs, and remediate the damage, restoring the space to its original condition!